A Brief Description About Garena Free Fire. Best Battle Royale Mobile Game

Battle Royal Mobile Games Become so much popular since Fortnite and PUBG came in the Market. Garena Free Fire also one of them, In 2019 it became the most downloaded mobile game globally and also received award for "Best Popular Vote Game" by the Google Playstore in 2019. In India Majority of gamers plays and stream this games on YouTube and Twitch. 

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Each games in Free Fire max 50 players survived on a single island, the main and most played map is Barmuda island and there are also have Purgatory and Kalahari map option, where they can explore the vast map, hide in the wild and abandon houses, or seek to eliminate enemy players in order to be the last person surviving on the island and then who survived till the end became winner or get Booyah!

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When you as a player join a game, you and all the existing 49 players are in a plane which flies over an island. While the plane is flying over the island, the players can jump wherever they want. {tocify} $title={Table of Contents}
After landing, player must looking for Medical supply, shotguns and large rifles, grenades, and other necessary items can be found allover the island. 

The ultimate goal is to survive till the end along with max 50 player online. Players need to survive in the safe zone of the map. Over the time safe zone decreasing. Any player out side the zone can't survive and will die. So, at last moment it became hard to surviving in a small zone area.


Aside from battle royale, some other game modes are also available in Free Fire. Clash Squad mode is one such game mode that has risen in popularity. In this game mode 2 teams of 4 players in a small location compete each others team, they engage in multiple rounds of combat to determine the more skillful team. Other modes include the more casual Pet Rumble, a social game where players engage in a battle of wits.

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