What is Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server and their Benifits

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting, What is shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a useful service that has a website hosted on a shared server with many other users. That means, your site is sharing the resources of the parent server such as bandwidth, storage space, FTP account and email account with many other websites are also being hosted on that mother server. In fact, there is no certain number of sites being hosted on the mother server; one the primary server can host ten websites, or maybe 100 or even up to 1000. Sharing resources from one Server hosting is the main reason why using shared hosting is considered a cost-effective solution that can still meet the basic needs of users.

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In addition to sharing these resources, users who share a single server will share both the processor, memory, and server maintenance costs of the parent server.

Advantages Of shared Hosting

Shared hosting gives users many benefits such as:

  • Using shared hosting saves money than hiring a virtual server or a dedicated server.
  • Technical and maintenance issues will be handled by your service supplier, so you will not have to worry about technical issues that may arise.
  • You also do not need to possess any specialized knowledge of server and website administration as the provider will take care of all these issues.
  • Users are provided with a CPanel system or another user-friendly application that makes managing your web pages much easier and simpler.
  • You can use multiple email accounts as well as many other options on your domain.
  • Supported by MySQL and PHP.
  • Although sharing data with other Web sites, however, the provider still optimizes the main functions as much as possible to help you with the highest uptime.

Disadvantages of shared hosting

Since the number of shared hosting runs on one server is very large, it has some disadvantages.

  • The biggest downside is that Shared hosting is a security issue. Shared hosting is more vulnerable to attacks than VPS and server. Any incidents that occur on the parent server will affect the entire shared hosting system being hosted on it.
  • Shared hosting is limited in storage space as well as resources because users have to share resources with many other users.
  • The installation and use of the application are entirely up to the service provider.
  • Features are lower than VPS and Dedicated server.
  • Customer care and support services are quite limited.

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Dedicated Server

you own a website, it is obvious that you understand that one of the most important factors when running a website is the capabilities that your website can do. Your website must be up and running 24/24 to meet the high traffic of many users at any time.

Dedicated server, What is dedicated server

Web hosting is divided into three main categories which are dedicated server, VPS virtual server and shared hosting. Shared hosting is a solution that is suitable for small start-ups because of the low cost that can not meet the real demand for these units. Virtual Private Servers VPS is the ideal choice for midrange businesses as it maintains business continuity, better storage management, and more cost-effective storage. Finally, for the choice of a dedicated server, the benefits of dedicated server dedicated server users are unlimited. If you meet all of the costs to be able to use a dedicated server, you will feel secure about storage space without worrying about access and one of the benefits. Another undeniable benefit is that you have full control over the activities on your server.

The Benefits Of Dedicated Server

The benefits of the dedicated server dedicated server giving to the user are unlimited. Users with a single operating system with the ability to store information are not limited to when you use virtual server or hosting cheap, besides, traffic is not the problem for you.

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Also, you have installed the operating system according to your needs, use a static IP and can install more IP if you want.

One of the benefits of dedicated server is high security. Because it does not have to share servers with other users, the user is completely immune to network attacks. Along with that, the server rental service providers will always support and review the level of security, ensuring the best information security for your data.

The benefits of the dedicated server to the user are absolutely undeniable, the choice to use it or not depends 100% on your needs, the issue will not be the cost. Is the cost important when your business results grow well.


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