The Great Firewall of China

Unknownthing, Fire wall of china.

You might have heard of “Great Wall of China” but there also exists “The Great Firewall of China”, not a physical barrier or wall preventing people from leaving, but it’s a virtual one, preventing information harmful to the Communist Party from entering the country.

The internet is not a globally unified entity. It’s seemingly international scope & scale only exists for certain parts of the world. There is another version of the internet that is largely separate from the global version:- The Chinese Internet or Intranet.

The Chinese internet seems like a closed virtual network deliberately separated from the world by the Communist great firewall that prevents any foreign website or information it deems unacceptable. The Chinese internet thus resembles more of a private internet or national intranet.

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What China calls the “Golden Shield” is a giant mechanism of surveillance and censorship that blocks thousands of websites deemed harmful to the Communist Parties narrative and control, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter.

What is Censorship

Censorship is the suppression of freedom of speech, public communication or some other information which may be consider harmful, politically incorrect, sensitive or inconvenient as determined by State of Control or Government.

Most recently Chinese govt was opened a investigation on Jack Ma and their company "Alibaba", because Jack Ma criticized Chinese govt bank policies ,that how they gives loan to start up and new business mans with high interest rate. 

Chinese govt strictly moniter their citizens ,That why you can't see any Chinese user on Facebook , twitter , Youtube or any other platforms you use, because these platforms not available in china. china don't share or disclose their any political news to others country. Also their news channels don't even says anything against their government.

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There are three main ways by which china prevents access to websites or online content:-

  • IP Address Blocking

IP Address Blocking is a form of security which is used on Web or any other Internet servers to block the connections from a specific IP Address or a range of IP Address which is found to be unconsiderable or undesired connections from hosts using affected addresses to a website, mail server, or other Internet server.

  • DNS Hijacking
Dns hijacking, unknownthing

DNS Hijacking means to attack on someone’s TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) and route it to rogue DNS server, thereby invalidating the Default DNS setting of your computer or router. Basically when a hacker attacks to your DNS settings, so that it is directed to other rogue DNS server or fake Websites which is owned by Hacker.

  • Deep Packet Inspection 
Deep Packet inspection, Unknownthing

Deep Packet Inspection is form of computer packet filtering that examines the data or the packets of contents as it passes through the Inspection point, where Inspection point search for a protocol or non-compliance, viruses, spam or some content which is not in the interest of citizens or State of control whether the packets has to be pass or to be directed to some other destination.

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High-ranking websites blocked in mainland China using Deep Packet Inspection. 







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This is how China blocks the Websites which are not compiling to it’s policy or in interest of “State of Control”. If you like the above post kindly share it.

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