The Deep Web & Dark Web You Don’t Know About

Are we missing something on Internet? Whatever we get on World Wide Web while surfing is limited or is there anything else that is not visible to us i.e. we do not get the things which are deep inside the ocean of World Wide Web. Normally all around the world we do carry out many activities on World Wide Web which is just the only 4% out of 100%, which is much mush smaller one. Then question arises where does the 96% of World Wide Web is used or been kept or been surfed or what happens of that 96%?

World Wide Web(www) or Internet is the Ocean which has infinite number of webpages providing different services to us, out of the big Ocean we are only able to access the 4% of that. This means that we are just accessing the webpages which are indexed and regularly searched on the famous search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

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The Percentage which I have mentioned above is done by the researchers of top university in which we mainly use Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, News, Browsing and many other things which totally make less than 4% of entire World Wide Web. When we use most search engines, we’re just scraping the surface of the World Wide Web. When we are surfing on the World Wide Web then we are just surfing on the surface or ocean, dive into the ocean where you will find tens of trillion of webpages or infinite webpages which most of you have never ever seen. There’s much more. The much more is nothing but Deep Web and Dark Web.

What is Deep Web?

The mainly the giants search engines index the webpages which are static i.e. mine website is static webpage. The Search Engines do not index the Dynamic webpages and Encrypted webpages. The Dynamic Webpages are those webpages which are generated on your demand on online database and Encrypted webpages are those which are password protected written in such language which is difficult to index. Normally the search engines crawl the webpages like a spider, where the webpages are linked to each other. The part of the World Wide Web that is not discoverable by means of standard search engines, including password-protected or dynamic pages and encrypted networks is Deep Web.

•Websites Accessed by Search Engines


In Deep web Data stored in encrypted form. Like Gmail,
only you can see your emails ,which is not indexed on search engines. So gmail, NetBanking this thing stored their data in encrypted formet. It's not available publically , You need to login Id and password to view your data.

•Deep Web & Dark Web

The Biggest weakness of Deep Web is the greatest strength of Deep Web. It is really hard to find out anything in Deep Web and that too easy also. The term Deep Web was coined by the Computer Scientist Mike Bergman in 2000. Computer Scientist Bergman said” There is lots of stuff in Deep Web which is not possible to index by the search engine”. The Search Engine cannot crawl or index the webpage behind the protected and standalone webpages that connect to nothing.

What is Dark Web?

The Dark Web is the terminology in which there is a collection of websites where it is in the encrypted form whose IP address cannot be known i.e. the websites which are between Tor servers and their clients. The IP address of the websites in Dark Web is protected by a bouncing signal which is difficult to index or crawl. The Websites are publicly visible but to access it you need a special software or something configuration to access it. Dark Web is always mistaken and it is referred to Deep Web. Dark Web is the Darkest corner of the World Wide Web in which it is impossible to trace their IP address because the Websites uses the TOR(The Onion Router) or IIP(Invisible Internet Project).

How to access Deep Web and Dark Web?

Access the Deep Web and Dark Web is not so difficult.

First you need to download the TOR software from

Download TOR Bundle, which contains all the required tools.

Run the file, chose an extract location, then open folder and click on start TOR Browser.

That’s it. You are in Deep Web and access what you want but we warn you because you may found many things which may be disturbing to you. Surf safely in Deep Web and do not go more Deep in it. Reddit is a website which offer you the list of Deep Websites. You will find everything which is illegal. Before surfing please make backup of all your important data somewhere else. FBI has the source code to penetrate to the Dark Web servers but they deny to provide it.

Disclaimer:-We do not encourage anyone to surf Deep web or Dark web. If something goes wrong with you when you are in Deep Web or Dark web, we will be not responsible for it.

If you go into Deep Web let me know and if you like the post kindly share it.

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