know What is DNS Hijacking, How does it Work & How to Stop it.

DNS (Domain Name System) Hijacking means to attack on someone’s TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) and route it to rogue DNS server, thereby invalidating the Default DNS setting of your computer or router. Basically when a hacker attacks to your DNS settings, so that it is directed to other rogue DNS server or fake Websites which is owned by Hacker.

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What is DNS

Domain Name System or Server is the System which is connected to internet where for a particular Domain a different and unique IP address is allocated such as for the IP address ranges: - - - - - - -

If you type a web address than it will direct to the Domain Name Server and find out the unique IP address and direct to it. The direction of web address is all done by your ISP. Internet Service Provider and some private organization own and maintain the DNS server.

How Does DNS Hijacking Works

As mentioned above DNS is only responsible for directing your request of a particular web address to particular IP address. By default, your PC/laptop is configured to use the DNS server from your ISP. You can understand the whole working of Hijacking by the following image.

Dns hijacked

The Hacker gets access to your DNS server or your WiFi router then he will route your web address to the rouge fake DNS server or third party or fake website. The attack can be done with the help of malware through a professional Hacker and make a allover control on the DNS server or your router and route you to third party website which can put you into deep trouble.

How to Stop it

In most of the cases, the attack is been carried out with the help of malware which is hidden behind the software’s which you download. Inorder to stay away from such attacks you need to stay away from fake or untrusted websites that offer you free download or something in free. Changing your default password of your WiFi router will definitely help you, so hacker could not change your settings and put you in trouble. Installing a good antivirus and keeping it up to date will also keep you away from such attacks.

How Dangerous is DNS Hijacking

How danger will be the DNS Hijacking will be depend on the intention behind the attack. Mainly the attacks are done to make huge revenue and for putting down some of the famous websites. If you normally do your all payments online and if your activity is caught by attacker then he will build the same fake website which will look same as the original one. If you type your bank web address and if the DNS system of your router or server is attacked and changed then it can put you in deep trouble and you can loos all you hard work money within just few minutes.

So beaware of such attacks and if you like the post kindly share it.


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