How to Identify and secure your device from Hackers

Smartphones have reached every home in today’s world. Today there is big question that, the data in the smartphones are secured or not. In today’s world, many successful Business person or MNC are falling and apart from that their developed economies are getting robbed due to weakness in their network security. Recently,

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Ashley Madison users: In August 2016, Hackers stole the information from almost 32 million users of the dating site and posted it online. This website was designed for those people who are married and still looking for affair.

Sony employees: Huge data were stolen including employees’ personal information, including sensitive executive emails and the films which were to be released. Sony’s co-chairman Amy Pascal resign after the Hacking of information of their employee’s.

Home Depot shoppers: Announced that their website has been hacked, 53 million email addresses and 56 million payment cards were compromised

EBay users: Around 145 million users personal information including their name, address password and almost everything but however their transaction were kept safe.
This are some of them who have faced lot’s of crises in their economic growth after the Hackers have open up them completely. If the MNC are not safe how do the Smartphone user can be safe.


Does your Smartphone have it’s own mind. Check it fast, if it seems to you that yes your smartphone has it’s own mind then your mobile has been affected by malware. Malware is the easiest way from where hackers can go through your smartphone and can take what they want. Apps may loose their permissions and that allow malware to control more aspects of your device than it seems. Malware is to secretly control your device. This are the some symptom which you can easily identify.

•Sudden change in Behavior: If your smartphone get acting out of norm as if showing text message on screen or advertise start interrupting suddenly on screen.

•Odd apps are installing: Apps which are benign or malicious are secretly installed on your device by malware.

•Asking for money: If you see that your phone is unlocked and to open it is asking for money, it might seem like an obvious one but there is a malware called “Ransomware” which lock your device and ask for money. It also show the background image of some government agency like FBI, CIA etc.

Changes in mobile bill: If you see any change in mobile bill, let it be small but frequently it is happening then the malware send the message from your mobile, charges you and the charged money is sent to hackers account.

What should you do to be on safer side?

If you can see this symptoms which are mentioned above then take some of the steps. If you want to check that your device is affected by malware then go to Apple App store or Google Play store and download Lookout malware checker. This app will tell you that is your device is affected or not and delete that app from device. Follow some of the steps which can keep your device safe.

•Stay up-to-date: The OS which is running on your device has to be up-to-date because by keeping your device up-to-date you can minimize your risk of being victim towards malware.

•Stop App’s Downloading from Third party: If your are downloading app’s from third party so please stop it. It is always recommended that you should always download app’s from your official app store of your device.

•Click Clearfully: Some of the email, SMS, website, links have embedded malware that automatically download the app’s which have malware.

•Security App’s: Always refer to strong Security and Anti-virus which have that capability to resist the malware and can protect your data. I would recommend you that, you should install Quick-Heal Anti-virus. It is not free, it will cost you some money but definitely secure your device from hackers.
If you download any file from internet ,then you should scan that file on Virus Total . If any malware present on that file, then virus total easily detect that.

By just doing some of the steps which are mentioned above can secure your data and keep you on the safer side.

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